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NOTICE:  Due to increased veterinary and transport costs, effective January 2013, the adoption fees are as follows:

 Puppies up to 2 years old will be $300.

Adult Akitas aged 2-6 will be $250.

Adult Akitas over 7 will be $200.

Effective October 2009, no adoptions out of the country.



Updated 9/11/14


*Please visit our WARN page for URGENT Shelter Placement Akitas*


If you are interested in one of our dogs, please review our contract and fill out and send in an application.

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PLEASE NOTE: The information contained within these biographies are based on observations from the current foster home.  In no way can we predict future behavior and/or temperament as individual household dynamics vary greatly, and are impacted by the experience and leadership of those within the home.

Adoptions are not done on a first come first serve basis. Washington Akita Group is the companion animal's advocate and will select the most suitably matched home for the dog's general needs and the unique needs of each individual dog in our care. We reserve the right to refuse service and adoption without explanation.

Adoption Application, Agreement, and Home Check apply to all available WAG dogs.




Name :: Mariposa
Age :: 6 years
Gender :: Spayed Female
Weight ::  
 Status :: Coming Soon
Health :: Needs grain-free food






Mariposa is a sweet friendly girl about 6 years old. She’s at the perfect age-past the hyper stage but still somewhat bouncy. We think she’s a badly bred Akita, but she could be an Akita mix. Either way, she’s going to be a darling furkid for the right home.  She’s adjusting very well to indoor living and likes a variety of comfy sleeping places. In the house, she’s usually catching up on her sleep, and outside, she’s ready for walks or car rides. Poor girl had been a stray before spending a couple months in a shelter and then into our foster home. Both her coat and her skin are in rough shape, but with a grain free diet, her fur is coming in nicely. She will need a securely fenced yard to keep her from becoming a stray again because she does love getting out and meeting new people.
Currently, she is living with respectful older kids and cats and does very well with both. She would rather not share her house with other dogs or younger kids; although in public she is carefully polite to dogs that are carefully polite to her.
She’s started wooing and talking a little, which is always welcome! Otherwise, she’s pretty quiet. She can sit, down, and walk on a loose leash. Crate training is slow - she is beginning to get used to the idea that the crate is not a prison, but it scares her and causes her to be reactive. She loves car rides and behaves very well, so taking her places is simple and easy.  She’ll be a pleasant, low key companion for the right person or family.
Please call the foster home for specific questions about Mariposa: 360-305-4414

UPDATE 10/22/13: Her personality is fabulous. Absolutely sweet dog who is careful about where she gives her heart, but once she trusts you, wow-she's the best kind of companion. She's looking better, but her coat is only plush in between the patchy scaly spots, so there's a vet apt in her immediate future. In the last pic she was headed down the driveway to visit the neighbor who just got home, so I had to go get her quick, but it gives an idea of the coat mottling.

UPDATE 4/30/14: Mariposa tore her cruciate ligament in December.  She's had a TPLO repair and is healing really well at almost 4 months post op.  She's on light duty walks and exercise for a few more months while she continues to heal, and then she's off all restrictions.  Her skin condition has been diagnosed as Sebaceous Adenitis.  SA is an autoimmune disease that affects the skin and hair follicles.  She has not had any secondary skin infections or complications except scaly skin patches.  We're trying an immune boosting supplement and will see if it helps her hair grow in more evenly.  She will need a low stress home to help keep her immune system as healthy as possible.  This girl has been such a trooper the entire time and we are so impressed with her happy upbeat outlook in life.



Name :: Geff
Age :: 5-6 Years
Gender :: Neutered male
Weight ::  
 Status :: Available
Health ::  





Geff had surgery for torsion in September 2013, so it should not be an issue in the future.  This sweet boy is microchipped and is looking for a cat free home.  No male dogs, possibly a submissive female would be okay.

Geff is a good dog who just wants to be with you all the time.  He is pretty calm and at times can be somewhat aloof. He does get a little excited when he comes in from outside or if you leave and then come back.  He is happy to see you and can run around a little crazy but it only lasts about a minute.  

Geff would do best as an only dog and with older children 8 and up?   He likes to go on car rides and does it well.  He likes to play ball and go for walks.  He will make someone a great companion.  

Geff can be dog aggressive so he would need to be leashed at all times.   

He loves his humans and just to be near them.  He prefers to be indoors but goes outside no problem as well. He is up to date on all of his shots.  







Name ::  Kodi
Age :: 3 years
Gender :: neutered male
Weight ::  
 Status :: Available
Health ::  






 Kodi was from a shelter in WY.  He is up to date on shots and tested negative for heartworm. He is also house trained, knows how to use doggy doors and his manners are greatly improved since moving into a foster home.

Here's a cute video of Kodi with former foster sister Shadow (now Cheyenne) enjoying some plush toys at their foster home:






Owner Placement Akitas

The listings below are done as a courtesy only for those owners looking for new homes for their Akitas. WAG is not responsible for evaluating or placing these dogs.  We may not have personal hands-on knowledge of these dogs.  We DO NOT guarantee health or temperament.  Please contact the owners for more information.

:: Name :: Max
:: Age :: 7
:: Gender :: Male
:: Weight ::  
 :: Status ::  
:: Health ::  





Irene is desperately searching for a new home for her gorgeous Akita Max. He is a brindle akita, 7 years old, and is up to date on everything medically. Please contact her for more information about him. 

Contact Irene: (253) 261-8216






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